Geographic mobility has become a decisive factor of economic and political processes since the second half of the 20th century and, due to its variability, it is in focus of interest (Rédei, M. 2010). It has shaped into an issue requiring interpretation, and identification of processes behind the trends and investigation of their effects have become inevitable. We […]

A tanulmány a Balatoni szállásadás történetét mutatja be a XVIII. századtól a II. világháborúig. A Balaton rövid földrajzi ismertetése után a vízi-, a vasúti- és a közúti közlekedés szerepét, fejlődését, a tó turizmusára gyakorolt hatását vizsgálja, majd három szakaszra bontva tekinti át a szállásadás kialakulását, problémáit a közel kétszáz eves időszakban.

During the 20th century the meaning of several relevant tourist concepts has undergone major changes. It is partly due to this fact that a significant portion of the terminologies were also used as a synonym. Attempts to define them had already been made between the two World Wars, but a unified conceptual usage has not […]

From the European point of view Australia and New Zealand attract attention especially with their natural beauty and natural does fsa cover cialis disaster in the news. In Europe, not too https://www.viagrasansordonnancefr.com/ many articles and studies deal with the past or the present of the two countries’ Indigenous population. We consider them neighbouring countries, with […]