Regional roles of communities organized to reach different aims have huge importance in the European Union. According to the EUROSTAT NUTS, regional level corresponds to Level IV. (its newer name is LU (Local Unit) II.) Today, this means the statistical regions in Hungary. Until 1997 the number of regions was 138. According to the decision of the Hungarian […]

The determining processes of the settlement network of Hungary are the concentration of the population in settlement ensembles which are at different urbanization levels, and the growing of the number of tiny villages. Less and less people lives in the steadily growing group of tiny villages (settlements with less than 500 heads), which gives one-third of the whole […]

There was an oversupply of labour in the Hungarian agrarian sector at the beginning of the 19th century, which also made this sector employee-release. There are no available accurate data from the time preceding the First World War, but all the evidences refer to the fact that this time unemployment was higher in the agrarian sector than in […]