This paper gives an overview of the economic paradigms, innovations, co-operating systems and clusters that make regions successful in our post-industrial society. As an example I have mainly selected the experiences of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) gained in the development of the post-industrial economies, as we assume that their experiences are largely relevant in the Balkan region. The […]

A Felsővadácsi Breccsa a Gerecse-hegység sajátos kréta időszaki földtani képződménye. A Gerecse az Alcapa lemeztömbön elhelyezkedő Dunántúli-középhegység jellegzetes dél-alpi kifejlődést mutató része. A középhegység fejlődését a paleozoikum végétől követhetjük nyomon, amikor is a hegység az ausztroalpi-dinári lemeztömb részeként a Tethys-óceán déli-délnyugati részén self helyzetben helyezkedett el. Ezt bizonyítja a több száz méter vastagságban megtalálható karbonátos platform eredetű mészkő és dolomit, […]

State is a formation on the terra-surface, which has three basic peculiarities (in geographic sense), such as territoriality, presence of society of citizens and the entity of so called sovereign executive power that is acknowledged internationally. Series of social sciences deal with different aspects of term state. Political geography treats it as territorial phenomenon. According to wide, well […]

Esaminando le forze centrifughe e quelle centripete che fanno sentire i loro effetti nello spazio statale italiano si può osservare appariscenti differenze, ineguaglianze territoriali. Le differenze economiche e quelle di sviluppo sono salientemente grandi. Anche la rete d’abitato del paese mostra una certa bipolarità. In Italia vivono minoranze nazionali in notevole numero. Alcune di esse vivono nei blocchi etnici […]

In the period of 2007-2013 the Central Transdanubian Region has the sum of 35.63 billion HUF to spend on tourism development2, which is just one of the priorities of development and the amount of private investment is also expected to rise. To ensure that the proposed developments serve the interests of the local communities and economies as much […]