Földünk felszínéről a globális légköri rendszerhez kapcsolódó szelek évente több mint 1 milliárd tonna port emelnek fel és szállítanak el nagy távolságokra (TEGEN, I. et al. 1996). Az éghajlati és környezeti változásokra ennek a pornak a mennyisége és a minősége (pl.: szemcseeloszlás) is érzékenyen reagál. A földtörténeti múlt egyes időszakaszaiban mind a légköri por mennyisége, mind a porviharok mérete […]

Labour force reserves have been consumed by the extensive economic development preceding the change of regime, which aligned with policy on all forms of employment. Ensuing extensive efforts forshadowed labour force shortage, yet employment policy tried to enhance them with full-time employment as an only alternative. Labour market research already in the 80s (KONCZ K. 1985) made it clear […]

In Hungary, more than two thirds of the microregions that are assigned by assessing their social, economic, infrastructural and employment indicators based on the government decree 64/2004 (IV.15.) and that benefit from the point of regional development are in three regions: in the North Plain, in North Hungary and in South Transdanubia. The regional differences are even more visible […]

Hungary is in the first stage of realization of reforms launched by the government. The society has just started to become acquainted with the elements of transformation. The population and even those who are concerned with politics are uncertain about what this process will bring. Neither the end of the tunnel, nor its beginning can be seen. We have […]